30 Day Prayer Challenge

We have created the 30 Day Prayer Challenge and the 30 Day Prayer Challenge Journal, because we wanted to provide you with tools to begin, help, or challenge you on your personal prayer journey. You can start the challenge at any time but plan to commit to 30 days of prayer.

Start by downloading the 30 Day Prayer Challenge (hereor use the 30 Day Prayer Challenge Journal (here) as a tangible guide and memento of your personal 30 days of prayer.

Each page of this journal includes quotes about the day’s theme, suggested music to listen to, and a passage of scripture to help you focus on the theme for the day, but feel free to use other verses (and record them). Then, we begin a prayer to get you started. What you pray about and how you do it are totally up to you.

You can use the journal as a place to write your prayers or to record your insights for each day or to create a visual prayer. If you need more room, you can easily download and print extra pages (here).

Unless you choose to share your journey with someone else, you will be the only one to see these pages. The prayers, insights, and visual prayers you record in the Journal are between you and God.

Regardless of whether or not you use the Journal, the 30 Day Prayer Challenge will help you to focus your daily prayer time on a particular topic and provide you with a 30 day prayer plan. You can use the Challenge for your own personal time or use it as a guide for yourself and a friend (or group of friends). Combine this Challenge with a reading of the blog posts during Project Prayer for an even deeper prayer journey. But, don’t stop there. Continue your prayer journey by going through the 30 Day Prayer Challenge more than once or using the Prayer Checklist (here) or by following your own method. Whatever you do, pray!

May you be richly blessed as you focus on prayer over the next 30 days!

We would  love to hear about your experience in the comments:
How did it work for you?
What did you find the most challenging part?
What was the best thing about your personal 30 days of prayer?

Links to downloads:
30 Day Prayer Challenge
30 Day Prayer Challenge Journal
30 Day Prayer Challenge Journal blank page
Prayer Checklist