Preparing our Hearts
for Christmas

Celebrating Advent

Welcome to one of the most peaceful, beautiful times of the year. Most of my life I didn’t really know what advent was. Sure we had different calendars that we opened the little windows or a green felt hanging that had little candy canes tied to it. Each night we would take a candy cane off until we reached the bottom with the little bell and then rang out that it was now Christmas. It was a countdown thing.

Several years ago, the church I was attending, started using the advent wreath and candles. In my mind at the time, it was something liturgical styled churches did. I really had no idea what it was. I was intrigued though. So, I started researching and studying to really figure out just what it is and how to celebrate.

The dictionary defines Advent as “the arrival of a notable person, thing or event. In Christian theology it is the coming or second coming of Christ. Preparation for the commemoration of the birth of Jesus.”

Here is how I define it now: It is a time of reflection and devotion focusing on the real meaning of Christmas. It is a taking time out of our busy schedules to slow down and spend some time preparing our hearts for what God has in store for us.

Would you like to take this journey of preparation with us? For the time leading up to Christmas as well as Christmas day, there will be devotionals to help lead us to the place our hearts need to be for this time of year. There will also be little activities you can do with your young children (if you have them) to help them prepare their hearts.


2017 Advent Ideas

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