Original online Bible studies and links to studies on other websites.

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What to Pack


Tools to help as you study God's Word.

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Join us as we explore Bible passages and themes with our team of blog writers.

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Apply It

As we journey with God through His Word and this life, there will be things we will want to take home--things we'll need to apply to our lives and tools to use. Join us as we explore ways to do that.

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About Us

Get to Know Us

This section is where you will discover our mission, meet our contributors and find their stories, and be able to contact us.

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ELIJAH: Lessons on God and Godly Living from One Flawed Human to Another

by Trisha L. Knaul

If you find yourself in a very dark time of your spiritual journey—asking questions, looking for elusive answers, thinking no one understands—let me introduce you to Elijah.

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Welcome to Bible Study Journey!

What will you find here?

Whether you have been studying God's Word for years or are new to the whole Bible study thing, We want to provide a safe place to share and discuss what you discover in the pages of your Bible.

Here at you will find several sections to explore: The GPS, What to Pack, Postcards, Souvenirs, and About Us. Let's unpack those sections a bit so you know where to find the items you need for your journey.




Join Us on the Journey

A journey is always more fun when shared with friends, so we invite you to travel along with us on our Bible Study Journey by joining the community on our blog, Postcards.