Go and Show

Christians are instructed to go and show themselves to the world in such a way as to make disciples for Christ. Regardless of who God is asking us to go to, in order to accomplish the task, we must take that first step. As believers in Jesus Christ, we are called to go and show ourselves to the world—to cause people to sit up and take notice of the amazing change in our lives. To cause them to wonder about Jesus.

(ELIJAH: Lessons on God and Godly Living from One Flawed Human to Another by Trisha L. Knaul)

Teaching Like Jesus Taught

Do you ever sit in church, listening carefully to the sermon and realize, “WOW! I do that!”? A couple months back this very thing happened to me.

I have always loved using the common things in life to teach. For example, we have a bird feeder in our backyard. During the winter months I put bird food (the block style) in the bird feeder. Well, the squirrels found it. Their antics brought great entertainment.

As I stood watching this process one day, I was impressed with the fact that this is how God’s family should function. You see, the squirrels would climb the pole to the feeder. They ate and picked at the block. As they did seed fell to the ground. The birds would then pick up and eat the seed. Sure they flew to the bird feeder too, but they enjoyed eating what the squirrels had dropped to the ground as well. As spring came along, the rabbits even joined in the banquet.

This is so much like the family of God. We provided the food for the birds. The squirrels and birds took turns eating from the feeder, and then they helped feed those who were weaker and couldn’t make it to the feeder (the rabbits). In return, we have been entertained, and there has been a certain amount of pleasure knowing we were giving food and pleasure to the creatures by our house.

God has created us and provides for all of our need. In fact, He has promised to supply every need of those who love God and “have been called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28) Those who have been blessed with ample supply share it with others and encourage them. It builds relationships. In turn, we bring glory to God and (I’m sure) make Him happy. We all need to work together.

This is just one example of lessons found in everyday life. Anyhow, back to that day in church. I was listening as our pastor was talking about how Jesus taught using object lessons from common things. It struck me: “I love teaching like that!” What a fun realization!

Do you see spiritual lessons in common things? I challenge you to try. It’s fun and encouraging.

Share with us spiritual lessons from common things that you have discovered on your journey.

These Hands

These Hands —

These hands belong to an 82 year old woman. Upon looking at the picture she exclaimed, “Oh, my hands are old.”

I want to tell you about these hands though. These hands raised 4 children. They changed many, many diapers. They have prepared countless meals for her husband and children. They have faithfully cleaned, dusted, vacuumed, washed dishes, did laundry, planted flower and vegetable gardens, and weeded those same gardens for her family. They have brushed back the hair on a fevered brow. They have wiped away many tears, both her own and those she cares for. They have cared for her sick children. They have applauded as her children played in concerts. (Takes a lot of love to go to every band concert as children are first learning.) They have held the hands of her children and grandchildren to cross the streets.

These hands have cared for her parents when they could no longer care for themselves. They held her mother’s hand as she prepared to meet the Lord.

These hands cared for her husband as he struggled with Parkinson’s and heart disease. They held her husband’s hand in love even though they had been married 50 years.

These hands have faithfully served the Lord in so many ways, from ministering to children to helping cut, sew, and make things for missionaries. They have held a well-used Bible to study as well as to share God’s word with others in devotionals and lessons. They have housed many missionaries and served them in her home.

There is much more that can be said about these hands but one thing is for certain: when these hands are folded in death and the person who they belong to has gone home to meet the Lord, we will know that these hands spoke love.

How about my hands and yours? What will be said? Are our hands acting in love?


Have a blessed Mother’s Day  to all whether you are a mom, a soon-to-be mom, a new mom, or a lady who doesn’t have her own children but has helped raise so many.