Why Bible Study Journey?

Life is a journey. We walk along beautiful wooded lanes, push through crowed city streets, hike majestic mountaintops, trudge through murky valleys, speed along seemingly endless highways, or travel on never-ending roundabouts. Our lives are usually a combination of these and other paths.

Having a map, GPS, or directions can make that journey more direct and safer. Having a travel plan or itinerary can make the trip more effective and enjoyable. Every Christian is on a journey toward God. God has the best route mapped out and the best travel plans already written for us. God’s map and plan is the Bible. Studying the Bible will make our journey much more effective, enjoyable, and safe.

Here at biblestudyjourney.com, we want to provide tools to help you read the map and plan of God—the Bible. We will provide Bible studies, Bible study tools, and materials to help you learn (or continue) to study God’s word on your own. We will also share our journeys as we blog and study together.

Join us on a Bible Study Journey!

Our Mission

To introduce women to God, to equip them for their personal Bible Study Journey, to challenge them to live God-honoring lives, and to encourage them in the process by providing online Bible studies, resources, tools, and conversation.

Our Story

Bible Study Journey is an extension of Trisha's desire to share God's Word with other women and to equip them to study the Bible for themselves while sharing their discoveries and questions with one another in a safe and encouraging environment.

Trisha recognized her need for travel companions on this journey so she asked several friends to join her. Bible Study Journey is every woman's journey as they seek a deeper relationship with God.

Meet Our Authors

Get to know our authors and read some of their stories.

Join Us on the Journey

A journey is always more fun when shared with friends, so we invite you to travel along with us on our Bible Study Journey by joining the community on our blog, Postcards.