Photograph by Trisha L. Knaul

What to Pack - Bible Study Tools

Whenever we go on a long journey, we pack items we think will be needed--shoes, toothbrush, pajamas, etc. As we prepare for our Bible Study Journey, it helps to have certain items in our bag--Bible, concordance, commentary, etc. What to Pack is where we will begin to provide links to those items.

While we collect Bible study tools for you,
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What to Pack - Vocabulary Tools

God has this thing about the spoken word.  Sometimes it's difficult to know what a pastor or teacher is trying to say when he or she uses "Churchy" words.  Visit our vocabulary page to find simple definitions to not-so-simple ideas. In this series we tried to tell stories, and provide illustrations you can use with your kids or for yourself to gain insight into what God is trying to tell us when Scripture uses key words.


Visit the article titled "Words:  Making Churchy Words Simple".

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