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Lessons on God and Godly Living
from One Flawed Human to Another
by Trisha L. Knaul

If you find yourself in a very dark time of your spiritual journey—asking questions, looking for elusive answers, thinking no one understands—let me introduce you to Elijah.

James tells us that Elijah was human just like us. This flawed human being walked into the throne room of a king to confront sin then hid for three and a half years while the people suffered the serious consequences of idolatry and unrepentance. Elijah lived the ultimate mountaintop experience only to run away in fear when he came down from that mountain. Yet, God still used him.

You will take a 6-week, in-depth look at the life of Elijah, and as you study him and the kings around him, you will identify your idols and explore the impact your life has on those around you. When God hides Elijah, you will learn valuable lessons about God’s provision. As you watch Elijah struggle through the wilderness, you will discover some pitfalls of a life committed to God and explore ways of avoiding them. Elijah experienced passion, provision, power, burnout, and restoration. Join me as we discover what a human like us is capable of doing when they are wholly committed to God.

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