Lessons on God and Godly Living
from One Flawed Human to Another
by Trisha L. Knaul

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If you find yourself in a very dark time of your spiritual journey—asking questions, looking for elusive answers, thinking no one understands—let me introduce you to Elijah.

James tells us that Elijah was human just like us. This flawed human being walked into the throne room of a king to confront sin then hid for three and a half years while the people suffered the serious consequences of idolatry and unrepentance. Elijah lived the ultimate mountaintop experience only to run away in fear when he came down from that mountain. Yet, God still used him.

You will take a 6-week, in-depth look at the life of Elijah, and as you study him and the kings around him, you will identify your idols and explore the impact your life has on those around you. When God hides Elijah, you will learn valuable lessons about God’s provision. As you watch Elijah struggle through the wilderness, you will discover some pitfalls of a life committed to God and explore ways of avoiding them. Elijah experienced passion, provision, power, burnout, and restoration. Join me as we discover what a human like us is capable of doing when they are wholly committed to God.

"This is a great study of how God is always with us and wants us to grow in his grace through all of our circumstances. Trisha shows us through Elijah’s story that God is calling us out of our fear to live the life he has called us to live. One of my favorite things in this study is how Trisha digs deeper into the origin of words and interpretations of scriptures. When I understand the circumstances around the story and the true meaning of God’s spoken word, I can visualize Elijah on his journey. I can see myself there and see God speaking to me as he speaks to Elijah. I am forever grateful for Trisha’s dedication to the truth of God’s word."
—Bev P.

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"I've read Elijah's story many times, but this study opened my eyes to so many new truth and applications! Trisha truly has a gift for teaching. She shares so much knowledge in her study, but also challenges you to apply what you're learning. This is a 6-week study with 5 lessons per week. Each lesson took me about 30 minutes to complete, and some days I found myself wanting to do more because I enjoyed it so much. I really loved the "Insights" pages at the end of each week, where I could summarize my thoughts from each day. I also liked how Trisha instructed me to draw on the included maps, which helped bring the scriptures to life. Over and over I was reminded that God is bigger than our circumstances. What a great message for us today!"
—Shannon N.

About the Author

Trisha is a Christ-follower who loves to dive deeply into God's Word and to share what she learns with those around her. She is passionate about empowering others to do the same.

Trisha has been a committed educator both at her church and in the homeschooling of her four accomplished children for nearly 3 decades. She has taught children, teens, and adult women, using not only existing curricula but also creating her own.

Trisha and her husband of over 30 years, Tim, enjoy traveling, hiking, and hanging out together. One of their favorite activities is spoiling their grandchildren. Her family and close friends have provided her with ideas, prayers, and encouragement. Trisha gives God the glory for His guidance as she writes and as she walks through life.


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"This is a wonderful study! It really encouraged me to dig deep, study hard, and self-examine. I look forward to digging back in each day & will be sad when it's over!! This is a great study for everyone, no matter what season of life you are in. God has used this study to teach me so much & help me get through a very difficult time."
—Martha A.