Photograph by Trisha L. Knaul

How will you apply it?

Whenever we take a journey, we bring souvenirs home with us--pictures, key chains, t-shirts, etc. The same is true of our Bible Study Journey.

As we journey with God through His Word and this life, there will be things we will want to take home--things we'll need to apply to our lives and tools to use.

We must apply the things we learn on our journey in order to be strong enough and wise enough for the more difficult or longer parts of the trip.

Here in Souvenirs we will we share ideas on applying what we learn and offer free resources to help you along your Bible Study Journey.


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Join Us on the Journey

A journey is always more fun when shared with friends, so we invite you to travel along with us on our Bible Study Journey by joining the community on our blog, Postcards.